About Godigitag

A digital, paperless, and eco-friendly way to manage your luggage

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Nikitek Systems Pvt Ltd - Shaping stress-free travel with innovative -tech.

Nikitek aims to enhance efficiency and add value to the ecosystem by aligning with the airline’s and airport’s vision of complete “digital” onboarding of the passenger. Nikitek is building products and solutions that facilitate paperless travel, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and contributing towards the net zero aviation industry objective.


one of it’s kind, india’s first safe & secure electronic baggage tag


GoDigital uses near field communicate (NFC) technology for touchless operation.


GoDigital Is Completely Battery-less & Connects Seamlessly With Any Smartphone.

Eink Display

Long Life. Can Be Used For Generating Upto 10000 Electronic Labels


Tamper Proof With 128 Data Encryption.

eTag seamlessly

Validate your PNR and etag your baggage with your smartphone

Tracking RFID

Passengers can get proximity alerts on their smartphones and receive alarms when their baggage is out of range. 


Heavy Duty IP67 ABS casing means it can withstand the toughest handling conditions making it virtually indestructible.


Interoperable. goDigiTAG can be paired with any device and can be attached to any piece of luggage with a smart locking/unlocking mechanism Can be integrated with any Departure Control System of any airline

How Godigitags Works

one of it’s kind, india’s first safe & secure electronic baggage tag


Frequently asked question

A digital, paperless, and eco-friendly way to manage your luggage dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and value of digital onboarding for passengers in the aviation industry.

Godigitag complements Nikitek’s mission by focusing on creating digital solutions that simplify the passenger experience, aligning with the airline and airport industry’s vision of complete digital onboarding.

Godigitag offers a range of digital products and solutions designed to facilitate paperless travel, making the passenger journey smoother and more environmentally friendly.

Godigitag’s solutions enable paperless processes, reducing the need for physical documents and minimizing waste, thus contributing to a greener aviation industry.

For more information about godigitag’s offerings and how they can benefit your airline or airport, please contact our sales and support teams. We’d be happy to provide detailed information and demonstrations.