About Company

Nikitek Systems Pvt Ltd – a technology focussed start-up envisaging a convenient.

About Us

our story

Godigitag was born out of a desire to make air travel more efficient, convenient, and eco-friendly. We recognized that the airline industry was in need of a transformation, and we set out to develop a solution that would not only benefit passengers but also contribute to a sustainable future.

Our Mission

Flyer Convenience, no queue for printing paper baggage tag, Sync the digital tag at your comfort with you mobile app. Faster process at the check in counter or at the bag drop. Do not need to touch any commonly used kiosk for any print once you have your own digital bag tag. You are in control; you have intimation of bag check in and information on bag arrival Single tag for all journeys, any airline. You are saviour of trees, saving nature by reusing same tag.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet powerful to replace paper baggage tags with a state-of-the-art NFC-based, RFID-enabled, battery-less electronic baggage tag. We believe that this shift in technology will not only streamline the travel experience but also significantly reduce the environmental impact of air travel.


GoDigital Uses Near Field Communicate (NFC) Technology For Touchless Operation.


GoDigital Is Completely Battery-Less & Connects Seamlessly With Any Smartphone.

Eink Display

Long Life. Can Be Used For Generating Upto 10000 Electronic Labels


Tamper Proof With 128 Data Encryption.


Heavy Duty IP67 ABS casing means it can withstand the toughest handling conditions making it virtually indestructible.

Tracking RFID

Passengers can get proximity alerts on their smartphones and receive alarms when their baggage is out of range. (LATA Resolution 753)

eTag seamlessly

Validate your PNR and etag your baggage with your smartphone


Interoperable. goDigTAG can be paired with any device and can be attached to any piece of luggage with a smart locking/unlocking mechanism Can be integrated with any Departure Control System of any airline